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Dive Deeper into VBPs

Value-based Partnerships Can Include a Wide Range of Partners in the Health Care System

Types of projects within partnerships can include:

Research Oriented
commercially Oriented
Disease education/engagement initiatives
Patient identification/predictive models
EMR initiatives
> Reviewing care pathways
HEOR: Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Health technology innovation

Value-based Partnerships May Bring Improvements, Such As:

Innovative Medicine and Health Care Solutions

  • Optimized health outcomes
  • Technological innovation
  • Advanced quality of care
  • Reductions in health care costs and societal costs
  • Impact the patient care pathway

Looking Towards the Future of Value-based Partnerships

As Amgen takes steps towards further innovation, we look towards continued partnerships with stakeholders in the health care system to balance quality, cost, and outcomes

Jointly pursue opportunities to improve the efficiency, cost and quality of care, and patient experience

Identify new approaches to patient care that combine therapeutics, services, technology, and analytics

Build relationships with mutually invested partners to encompass multiyear collaborations

Act on generated insights to help support improvements in patient care